my family is not broken

a new way to view separation and divorce.

possibility June 4, 2012

artwork created in art studio for children

Sometimes when my day is tough or too long or too short or too seeped in stuff not so good

I go down the stairs to the basement

past the socks that need sorting

past the files that need filing

and I walk  into my art studio

I might lie down in there for a few minutes

or I might pick up some paint and mix it with another

because I love colour so much

or maybe I will just look around and think about how romantic it is

to have a space completely dedicated to possibility

I am really proud of how well this particular project went. It was made in a class we call ARTISTS WANTING MORE. Click here for a little on how this came to be


once bitten, twice shy June 3, 2012

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The human spirit is an amazing thing.

I can almost always convince myself that my life is the very best, that I have everything that I need, that I like myself and feel my power but  lately now and then it creeps up on me

I feel at times like someone took a big bite out of my life and did not replace the piece they took.

That no matter what I do, something is  missing.

It comes at the strangest times.

This is new. I am taking it as a signal for change.

I feel this at times even though I try to fit in as many deposits as I can to  my RESP account (registered emotional saving account). Click here for a little on this interesting notion


the 3 stages of a man’s life May 30, 2012




When is man’s greatest moment? No, not when he takes the trash out. But when he is completely and utterly romantic from the heart. His kind of romantic, not cookie cutter insincere cheesy romantic but from the heart romantic. Please take a look a my other post to see a man doing just that. Vulnerable . Adorable. Creative. And if you don’t love it I don’t want to hear about  it, tin man.


sneaking around May 28, 2012


You know that when you call running shoes sneakers that you are  sort of a fake runner.

You know that when you give them your phone number at the Running Room and they say the last time you bought running shoes was in 2005 that you are pretty much due for a new pair.

You know that when they say take your shoes off and show us how you run in the middle of the store, you feel like they have said ‘take your clothes off and show us how you run’ . Everyone looking. All eyes on whether you pronate. So intimate.

You know that when they say -with a weird look on their faces-you have really really really small feet for your size, they are really trying to say “Wow you are amazing, beautiful and talented and in perfect condition”

Sort of.

There is this fine line between being an absolute goofball with your equipment and ‘needs’ and well, wearing the same running shoes for …ummm ….a little too long. It is a little like ordering coffee at Starbucks. When did everything get so complicated and fussy? As we age we need to know what we like but getting too fussy and precious is a straight line to getting really,really old and persnickety. Click here for fighting the fuss



the happiest day of my life May 24, 2012

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I know we are supposed to be open to having several or even dozens or more of these in a long and happy life but the other day I found one really was the one.

On the way back from a family dinner on Monday night I was alone with my eldest- who has mere days left on planet mom & me- a few weeks left at school, a flurry of  3 days of packing and off to work at camp for the summer and then home for 4 days and then off to Uni.

She was beside me in the car. We were both having a tender night.

I grabbed her hand and started to tell her about how “the day you were born was the happiest day of my life. All I ever wanted was a chubby baby girl. You were an angel from day one. You have been perfect- absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. You taught me how to be a mom”

We both cried for 15 blocks


I spotted a table at the curb. A cute little outdoor table someone had put out to garbage.

Now we are both at the curb craughing (that is crying and laughing if you aren’t female) and putting the little table in our car

A little garbage picking does wonders for your mood.

Dont be ridiculous of course the day #2, AKA sassy pants, was born was the other HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Click here for what she has taught me


I am here now May 23, 2012

“Ok, Nancy, I am here now. Have a wonderful day”

My postman, Lloyd.

I am sitting at my desk and the fresh air is flying through the house from back door to front

I can hear the sounds of the city

and the neighbour with allergies sneezing next door

And some birds chatting too

I am getting so much done

The weather is wait- all – year- for-it perfect

And I hear a noise on my doorstep.

I know it is my postman. A great man I have known for 8 years.

He had cancer last year but is better now. I missed him when he was gone

I like my doors open and that  I trust.

I like his voice and him telling me he is there- even though he does not know I am because he cant see me.

Click here for a good saying to live by and think about it. I really love this one


reveal yourself May 17, 2012

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Last Friday there was a surprise in my door.

I love to pull into the driveway to find something there

Over the years I have found many things waiting on my doorstep- in no particular order- pharmaceuticals, a cat, a 3 foot fake flower, a boy with a shovel in a snowstorm wanting to help, dinner, a container with 8 snails in it with holes poked in the top (how did you know I wanted snails?), flowers with an ‘I am sorry’ note ,a man in a suit with a smile on his face, a family of 5, an angry ex husband, homemade maple syrup, a box of jewelry, sleeping pills, a book about inspiration, new windshield wiper fluid  on a nasty winter day, flowers, $250 in cash, a bullfrog , a little black dress, a bunny rabbit (and so close to easter) 3 baked potatoes, a wheelchair ramp, cookies, tulips, a golden retreiver who was coming for the weekend and a ‘bouquet’ of sharpies(I love sharpies)

but this one was different.

Inside the wrapping was  a framed quote “Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers”

I don’t know who it is from

Reveal yourself please. I like it and I want to thank you.

This must be my lucky week. Yesterday another surprise- click here for what it was


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